Technical and FAQs

The System

Panespol® is a complete system. You are supplied with the panels, the adhesive, joint paint and pigment where applicable. These will be included in your quotation.

The ‘jigsaw’  panels fit together like a jigsaw and the accessories hide the joints. Other panels are square or oblong and some are self-adhesive. Most panels cover approximately 1 square metre but some are smaller, some larger so call for details.

Material Specification

Panespol Panels are a composite board with a rigid Polyurethane body and special fire resistant Acrylic surface.

Fire Resistance

Panespol Panels conform to UK Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety) for use in all domestic and most commercial applications *.

Panespol Panels are fire tested to European Classification Class C & D (equivalent to British Standard 476 Classes 1 & 3) as required by UK Building Regulations *.

Fire Certificate available in our Downloads section.

* Check before purchase

Heat Resistance

Panespol Panels will not melt and will not catch fire, but their physical stability can be affected by extreme direct heat.

THEY CANNOT BE USED INSIDE FIREPLACE OPENINGS: See our link to Slimbrick real brick tiles for this type of installation.

Thermal Resistance

A typical 25mm thick Panespol Panel has a Thermal Resistance (R value) of 0.56 m² K/W. This equates to an excellent Thermal Conductivity value of less than 0.045 W/mK.

The table below compares the low thermal conductivity of Panespol with some other common building materials. Whilst this clearly illustrates the superior insulating properties of Panespol, it really tells only half the story. Laboratory tests are carried out in still air conditions, a situation rarely found in the real world. Since rigid Polyurethane, the material used to produce Panespol, is an air barrier as well as an insulator, then with wind movements and thermal air currents taken into consideration the true comparison of Polyurethane against a mineral wool or glass fibre insulation is more like 5:1 in favour of Polyurethane. The insulation properties of materials are also adversley affected by moisture absorption and as Panespol does not absorb water, this again adds to it’s already excellent insulating capabilities.

The lower the value, the better the insulator

MaterialValue (W/mK)
Mineral/Glass Wool0.0500

Materials insulating properties compared



Each Panespol design has a different overall size and thickness according to the pattern. The average weight of a single panel which is around one square metre is just 6 or 7 kg.


Total Panel density 300-350 kg/m³


Shore Hardness Scale D value 40-50

Compressive Strength


Flexural Strength


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t they a little expensive?

If you factor in the rapid fitting time and therefore the low labour costs the panels are very cost-effective.

Do you fit the panels?

No sorry, we are sales only and do not have fitters nor recommend fitters. The panels can be fitted by anyone with basic joinery skills.

Can Panespol panels be used outside?

As a general rule Panespol panels can be used both internally and externally but there are some exceptions. Please call us to confirm.

What are the filler, paints and pigments for?

The filler is applied between the panels and in the screw holes. Once the filler is dry it can be painted with the necessary textured (joint) paint or the relevant touch-up paint to hide the filler. The pigment can be mixed with the paint or applied by itself to achieve a natural look on the panel.

What are the two different types of paint for?

The ‘Joint Paint’ is a textured paint designed to replicate the mortar between bricks or stone.
The ‘Touch-Up Paint’ is needed for panels without a mortar joint, and for corners. It can also be used to disguise repairs.

Are Panespol panels resistant to water and high humidity?

Panespol panels are 100% water proof.

Can you make Panespol panels in other colours?

Yes, a panel can be painted in a colour of your choice. Please send us a sample of the colour you require and we’ll match it. A small extra charge and minimum order of approximately 25 to 30 panels will apply.

Can you make Panespol panels in other designs?

We may be able to replicate another design. Please call us. We will ask you to send a sample of the material you would like copying then we’ll do the rest. Minimum orders apply and lead times may be longer than for standard panels.

How may panels can be installed in a day?

On a good wall somebody with experience can fit between 20 and 30 panels in a day. An inexperienced person would be able to fit between 10 to 15 panels.

Can the panels be painted?

Yes with water-based paints. We recommend you obtain a sample and test this first.

Do you hold all types of panels in stock?

We keep stocks of the popular panels. The others are ordered from our manufacturer based on demand and can take from 2 to 4 working weeks to arrive from placing your order (depending on their workload).